Launching of Exercise is Medicine® Hong Kong

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Exercise is Medicine® Hong Kong (EIM-HK) was officially launched on June 18, 2016. The launching ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Hong Kong as part of the Health Expo 2016 Hong Kong. The event was hosted by the Commissioner of Sports, Mr. Yeung T.K., together with the representatives from the eight founding medical and fitness organizations involved with the establishment of EIM-HK, including the Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Mental Health, the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science, the Hong Kong Association for the Study of Obesity, the Hong Kong Doctors Union, the Hong Kong Medical Association, Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, the Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation and the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China. The Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong serves as the Secretariat and Host Institution of the EIM-HK. The EIM-HK movement is sponsored by the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and ME Fitness, and is supported by the “SportiHealth” who provide IT technical support.

In addition to the launching ceremony, an EIM-HK promotional booth was set-up from June 17-19 at the Health Expo. Coordinating by the 
Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, and health-related services and activities, such as professional medical and exercise consultation and fitness testing, were also organized on-site. Hundreds of visitors attended the launching ceremony, as well as the EIM-HK booth. In addition, attendees were invited to sign up as EIM-HK ambassadors through the EIM-HK website.

At this initial stage, the EIM-HK movement focuses on two objectives: 1) through the collaborative efforts of the eight founding organizations, to call upon medical and healthcare/fitness professionals to promote EIM concepts during their daily practice; and 2) to call for action and commitment by leaders in Hong Kong signing up as the EIM Ambassadors. Future plans for EIM-HK, under the leadership of Dr. Stanley Hui, are to put more effort in ascertaining funding support and offering EIM training courses to medical and fitness professionals, as well as educational seminars to the general public.